Donald Trump, the Chosen One

This web page explains how President-elect (now ex-President) Donald Trump is very likely the Anti-Christ who precedes the Return of the Christ as prophesied by scriptures and how his election may actually be a sign for hope.

According to the theory of the precession of the equinoxes, the Earth travels (or appears to) through each constellation in the sky approximately every 2160 years. As the Earth enters a new constellation, it is said to be entering a new age and leaving behind an old one. Currently the Earth is in the process of leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius. At the beginning of each Age, God (or the Lord of the World) sends a teacher to Earth to prepare and guide humanity for the new age. He is known as the World Teacher (or the Christ, if you prefer to use that term). Simultaneously, as the Christ emerges (or just preceding him), there is another person (or persons) born on the Earth who attempts to oppose the Christ. He is often know as the Anti-Christ (or to Muslims as the Dajjal). 

It would be a mistake to describe this Anti-Christ as purely evil, or as an agent of Satan (or Satan himself). For one thing, there is no such supreme evil person as Satan and the appearance of the Anti-Christ is as much part of the plan of God as is the appearance of the World Teacher. The Anti-Christ or the Adversary appears in order to maintain a balance in the world, so as not to infringe on human freewill by imposing the presence of the Christ on the world. The Adversary has two main tasks to perform: to oppose the Christ (since it is in his nature to do so) and also to use his own destructive tendencies to initiate the end of the power structures and institutions of the previous Age - the political, economic, social and religious structures of the old age, so they all can be rebuilt by humanity for the new Age (with the help of the Christ). 

These events of destruction, rebirth and the appearance of the two Adversaries, occur cyclically, approximately every 2160 years. Often there are multiple Anti-Christs who perform their own function, but each is a person of power and authority representing the old order and the power structure of the previous age. During the time of Jesus 2000 years ago, these were King Herod, Emperor Caligula and Emperor Nero. Today 2000 years later, it is time for the World Teacher to appear again and Anti-Christs also need to appear in order to destroy the old structures and institutions of the Piscean Age in order that humanity can build new ones for the Age of Aquarius. One such person who will soon take up a position of power is President-elect Donald Trump. It is his destiny to preside over the fall of capitalism and the end of the dominance of Western civilization and values. This is not because he is evil or that he has any intention of destroying the Western (US and European) empires, but it is just that he is present at the right time and place to accomplish that task in order to facilitate the Coming of the New Age and the Return of the Christ. Trump has the right qualities/circumstances of having the power as well as the unique talent for influencing millions while simultaneously being ignorant, incompetent, narcissistic and brash enough to cause the end of the American empire. We should not disrespect or hate him for his assigned task, instead we should show him compassion for his misfortune and the inevitable condemnation he will suffer when the history of our times is finally written

Timeline of the two advents:

For information on the Return of the Christ, visit:

The Roman Empire in the time of the Christ and the American Empire today:

The similarity between Emperor Caligula and Donald Trump is quite uncanny. Even the sequence of rulers in the two periods are very similar. Caligula's insane reign was followed by the benign and enlightened rule of Claudius which in turn was followed by Emperor Nero who was in some ways more destructive and insane than Caligula. Similarly in our times we had the rule of George Bush who started multiple endless wars and then brought the world financial system to its knees and nearly caused the downfall of capitalism. George Bush was followed by Obama who put the economy back on its feet (although the work for stabilization was started in 2008 by Bernanke and Pelosi - with very little help from republicans). Following the TARP legislation, Obama put the economy on the path to recovery with the stimulus program as well as the auto industry bailout. Just as Obama will be followed by Trump, Claudius was followed by Nero who literally set fire to the kingdom. 

The main difference in the sequence of the rulers is that Trump is more like Caligula and Bush was more like Nero (Bush 'set fire' to the world financial system as well as the middle east). We can see what kind of President Trump will be merely by studying the reign of Caligula. Very much like Trump, Caligula had no respect for the establishment - the aristocracy and the senate. The common people, at least initially, loved him for his attitude to the 'elite'. From wikipedia: "Caligula is described as a noble and moderate ruler during the first six months of his reign. After this, the sources focus upon his cruelty, sadism, extravagance, and sexual perversity, presenting him as an insane tyrant." The first seven months of his reign are described as 'blissful'. He 'reformed' the imperial tax system and provided 'spectacles' like gladiator games for his subjects. However after the initial period of 'success', he seems to have gone insane maybe due to some illness. He indulged in vast construction projects (Trump's 'infrastructure' plans?), but many of them were for his own benefit. "a financial crisis emerged in AD 38 or 39 ...Caligula's political payments for support, generosity and extravagance had exhausted the state's treasury ... Caligula began falsely accusing, fining and even killing individuals for the purpose of seizing their estates ... he repaired the city 'walls' ... he sent troops on illogical military exercises ... some of his decisions may even have caused a famine." All this pretty much matches what I think Trump will accomplish in his 'reign' - a total destruction of various US institutions, the education system, the healthcare system, the environment, the US economy and the post-WWII world order. Ultimately, Caligula was assassinated by his own body guards (in a conspiracy between them and the Senate). Similarly, Trump will very likely be impeached by his own party before he finishes his term. 

Things that Trump will do or try to do (listed in a haphazard order) that will ruin the country, the world and cause the downfall of the American Empire:


Trump Taxcut Plan - Average american family will get $1600, but the top 1% will get more than $200,000, the top 0.01% will get 1.1 million.

Trump may attempt to close the education department and/or eliminate Common Core.

Trump will issue school vouchers and encourage for-profit high schools

Trump will defund NEA and PBS - there will be no government support for educational/cultural programs or activities.

 Chachi and Chuck Norris will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Trump will defund or underfund federal agencies - IRS, EPA, USDA, FDA, FCC, Consumer Protection, NTSB

EPA clean water/clean air standards will be lowered

Trump will use FBI and Justice Department to investigate and prosecute political opponents and journalists

Federal government will hire mainly people who profess belief in creationism, who deny climate change and who read/believe fake news

Federal government statistics and reports will be doctored and edited by political appointees. There will be a gag order on all real scientists and real experts who work for the government

Federal procurement will become corrupt

Strict drug laws enforcement. Obama's clemency program will be eliminated

The Federal Reserve will be attacked and politicized (so will the SEC)

 Millions will be deported

 Millions will lose their healthcare

 Millions will lose foodstamps

 Trump will defund Planned Parenthood

Medicare and Medicaid programs will be restructured to reduce coverage and move costs to the patients at the same time pay more money to hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies


Most of the new jobs created will be minimum wage jobs (may pay even less than current minimum because federal minimum wage may be abolished)

There may be a massacre of protesters (like Kent State University but worse)

At least one muslim country will be bombed (Using B1s, not just drones).

Federal response to at least one natural disaster will be mishandled causing heavy loss of life and property

National monuments and national parks will decay because of lack of funding

Existing bridges and highways will be sold to investors and have tolls on them after 'upgrade'

Postal service may be privatize (most post offices in rural areas will be closed)

Palestine will lose more land to settlements.

Financial regulations will be eliminated. 

Security alliances like NATO will be weakened

Japan and South Korea will not be able to depend on US nuclear umbrella

 Trump will put tariffs on Chinese and Mexican products

 Trump will withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement and promote fossil fuels including coal


Some single parent families with kids and no daycare needs may see an actual increase in taxes. The poorest who don't make enough to pay any tax but are currently getting childcare credit, will lose it. The US budget deficit will double in two years. Like Bush taxcuts, this will do very little for the economy

 No minimum standards for high school education - each state can set whatever standards they want. Alabama, Mississippi standards will be worse than the third world with most schools teaching 6000 year creationism as a valid theory.

This will wreck the public school system, but benefit private and parochial schools. Since private school will charge more than the voucher only the poor will be stuck in the crippled public school system. Schools like ITT/Trump University which generate profits without any real education will proliferate

American students will get better at playing video games and watching NASCAR/UFC/WWE(while French students can discuss philosophy and poetry)


 US will become like a third world country - tax evasion because no IRS enforcement, no food/meat inspection, Safety standards for food/drug/water/air/transportation/consumer goods will be ignored or just eliminated.

 Many more incidents like Flint, MI on a national scale


 Liberty university will be the main place for federal recruitment

Federal government reports will lose their credibility just like Chinese government reports

 US government will become basically like a third world country

 Prison population will increase

 World will lose confidence in the FED and US Financial system



 US may become number one in the chart below



Betsy DeVos has been selected to implement this

Betsy DeVos has been selected to implement this





Bannon will control this as Rove did before him


Bannon will control this as Rove did before him.

1/24/2017 A gag order has been placed on government scientists


Sessions has been selected to implement this






 Price has been appointed to implement this






 The process of selling National Assets at firesale prices has started









Teenager births will sky rocket. The US rate of maternal mortality will become the highest in the developed world. The US rate (now 24 per 100000) will rise to meet the Texas rate - 33 per 100000 (Japan is 3.3)

Medicare will become Ryancare - looking a lot like Obamacare






 that excuse will be used to sell and privatize them (or he will do it without waiting for the excuse)

 The US will become an oligarchy like Russia where public assets will be sold to rich investors at fire sale prices


 The Palestinians only hope now is with the Return of the Christ or the Imam Mahdi

Banks will fail. Trump will preside over the downfall of capitalism and Western dominance of the world

 Putin will move into the Balkans and other Eastern European countries

Both Japan and South Korea may develop their own nuclear weapons. Germany may follow

International trade will collapse

 The fight against climate change will suffer a severe setback, out only of recovery is with the Return of the Christ.

Unanticipated Actions:

Republican Congress just tried to gut the Independent Ethics Office


Ethics is not something a third world country should be concerned about    


Cancelled by Trump! (but will probably be back)


In short, Trump will make the US into a third world country at home and a non-cooperative, belligerent bully abroad. The huge deficits. unhelpful tax cuts, collapse of world trade and loss of confidence in the FED will lead to a deep global depression. It will spell the end of capitalism and the post-WWII power structure. America will become a pretty lonely country, with perhaps only Israel as a 'friend' (and of course a fake friend in Putin). 

Possible worst case scenario:

As the Anti-Christ is ready to take office and the emergence of the Christ is imminent, Judgement Day has already begun. As predicted by the Christ 2000 years ago, people have already been separated into two distinct groups - the goats and the sheep. As specified in Matthew 25 31-46, one group wants to help the sick, feed the hungry, decrease prison populations and welcome strangers/immigrants. The second group does not want to do any of that and thinks that it is not their responsibility.

“Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.” Sections of this country have been incubating such poisons below the surface for many years. Under the Trump Presidency, they will all hatch out, so that we can cleanse ourselves of them.

I will update the above list and check off items as the Presidency progresses.

Minor (but important) note:

 Some ill-educated, know-nothing, alt-right homophobe has started the rumor (or piece of 'fake news') that the Anti-Christ is gay because the Bible says that he 'does not desire women'. This is completely untrue, the Bible says no such thing. What the Bible actually says is this: 'The Anti-Christ will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all.' That means the anti-christ has no respect for any God including 'the Gods desired by women' (which probably means pagan Gods). In other words the Anti-Christ believes himself to be above all Gods, not at all that he is gay. 

Update 6/16/2017

It has been seven months since I created this page, I have not updated it periodically as planned. However, things have progressed pretty much as I expected. The wrecking of our healthcare has not happened yet (it is in process), but Trump has been successful in walking back much of Obama's progress in climate change and the environment. Immigrants legal and illegal are under siege. One thing I did not expect - there is lot of talk about Russian interference in 2016 elections and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. I have thought a lot about this and in my opinion it was not the Russians who hacked into the DNC or Podesta emails or the voting systems. I suspect it was a 'deep', super secret section of the US intelligence apparatus. This intelligence organization has taken upon themselves the concealment and management of US and world relations with extraterrestrial beings. They were alarmed by Hillary Clinton's as well as Podesta's promise to investigate secrets regarding UFOs/aliens and reveal anything they found. Hence, this agency went to extraordinary length to hack the elections and leak emails to ensure the election of Trump and the defeat of Clinton. The Russians were just convenient scapegoats for taking the blame in this scheme. You can read more about the whole UFO coverup here.

Update 7/21/2018


This has been a disastrous week for the Trump administration starting with Trump's one-on-one summit with Putin in Helsinki where Trump appeared to believe and side with Russia and Putin over his own intelligence services. In light of this development, I think some clarification about my statements regarding the DNC hacking (above in the 6/16 update), is in order. 

First some information about the 'Deep State': Inside the Pentagon, there is a group of military/intelligence persons who have formed their own secret organization that operates under its own command and answers to no elected official or any senior official of the executive branch unless he also happens to be a member of their own secret group. This is the real 'Deep State'. Today the alt-right and its followers believe that the 'Deep State' is  the entrenched federal bureaucracy in the FBI, State Department, Treasury Department, Justice Department etc - nothing could be further from the truth. These federal bureaucrats are actually by and large very hard-working, even selfless, dedicated career officials of the federal government. The Left on the other hand believes that there is no such thing as the 'Deep State'. That is also incorrect. The 'Deep State' very much exists within the military-intelligence apparatus of the Pentagon. Many of the members of this group are retired military/intelligence officers - once a member, you never get to leave this group even after retirement. For instance, Nelson Rockefeller (a original founder who helped set up the secret organization) was in a leadership role in the 'Deep State' until his death. This 'Deep State' draws its members from the military, CIA, Air Force Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, NSA, NRO etc -  it is much better call it the 'Deep CIA' to avoid confusion. It also has a rather vicious enforcement branch which operates very much like Stasi or the Savak or even the Gestapo. This 'Deep State/Deep CIA' organization may be unknown even to the DCI or DNI or Secretary of Defense and totally out of their control. It is probably this 'Real Deep State/Deep CIA' itself that started the rumor amongst the alt-right that a 'Deep State' exists in the regular federal bureaucracy which is relatively blameless and innocent. 

Now back to the 2016 Election hacking saga: First, we need to understand the mentality of the 'Deep CIA'. They have no loyalty to the President, ordinary US citizens or the US constitution. They only work for themselves and maintaining the status quo in terms of economic, military and political power. So if thru their intelligence sources, they hear of a terrorist bomb planned to go off on some US commercial plane, they will not jump to stop it or prevent it from happening. They will just see the incident as another opportunity to further their own agenda. They will very likely make sure that several people that they had always wanted to eliminate, got onto the plane and then observe the incident occur calmly without any emotion (of course with great interest). Such are the evil, conscience-free members of this 'Deep State'. This group has been hacking US Presidential elections for many years, making sure Republican Presidential candidate get a 5% to 10% advantage in swing states. They prefer Republican candidates to Democrats who they have not trusted since the Kennedy assassination, but they have always been careful to keep within the 5 to 10 % limit so as not be exposed - they could not prevent Clinton or Obama from being elected, but they succeeded in the case of John Kerry who they considered to be a dangerous boy-scout. When Russia and Putin started meddling/hacking the 2016 elections, this 'Deep State' just saw this as opportunity to continue their own usual election meddling with impunity and blame it all completely on Russians. So Trump is right in saying that 'there may be others who did election hacking', but that does not make Putin innocent - he basically started the DNC hack  and also used social media to drive a wedge between ideological groups in the US. But I still think it was the 'Deep State' intelligence agencies that ultimately obtained Clinton's and Podesta's emails and gave them to Wikileaks. As stated before, these intelligence agencies did not want Clinton investigating and revealing their secrets regarding UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

Other exploits of the 'Deep CIA, Secret Intelligence Agency': This 'Deep CIA' agency has been systematically assassinating journalists in Russia and blaming it on Putin (that does not absolve Putin, he is still a murderous thug in his own right). The 'Deep CIA' also has equivalent groups inside Britain's MI6 as well as the Israeli Mossad. The MI6 group has been assassinating people connected to the Kremlin with some nerve agent in the UK and again blaming Putin and the FSB. The US group has also assassinated several journalists and politicians in Lebanon in order to blame Hezbollah and Syria.  The US and UK groups have been using chemical weapons in Syria and blaming Assad (this does not make Assad a good guy, he is still a brutal, cruel dictator who should eventually go away). Obama resisted acting on these false flag incidents, but Trump immediately fell for them soon after becoming President and again more recently. The agency was also responsible for the sinking of the ROKS Cheonan. This was done to prevent peace 'breaking out' on the Korean peninsula, when it looked like Obama may attempt diplomacy with the North Korean regime.

Update 9/23/2019: The 2020 Elections

The 2020 Election campaigns are in full swing now. The Democrats are doing well in the polls when compared to Donald Trump. They feel they have a good chance to beat him, but so did Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump's destiny is to destroy the American Empire (or at least damage it beyond repair) and lay waste all its institutions. One way or another Trump's destiny will be fulfilled. In the other words, if Trump does not succeed in destroying the world economy as well as the world's liberal democratic institutions by the end of his first term, he will need to be reelected so that he can continue his assigned task. Although Trump seems to be well on his way to accomplish his task in his first term, he could very well be reelected if some of the structures of the previous age still survive intact. 

In any case, the gods have prophesied that Trump will very likely be the last President of the US. They believe that by the end of Trump's reign (either the end of his first term or sometime during his second one), Americans will be so fed up that they will no longer want to risk another Trump being elected. The US constitution will be changed so that the office of the President will be eliminated and a committee of elders will now be tasked with jointly running the country. How the members of this committee will be selected is yet to be seen.

Mitch McConnell and his republican allies are rather proud of appointing so many judges including a majority of conservatives on the Supreme Court. This triumph will be relatively short-lived. I expect all these conservative judges to resign en-masse when the Christ Returns.

Update 11/2/2019: The Impeachment Proceedings

After getting away with many actions unbecoming of the 'leader of the free world', President Trump finally got caught red-handed blackmailing a foreign government by withholding millions in military aid in order to dig up dirt on a political opponent. The exposure of this act was finally enough for Nancy Pelosi to initiate an impeachment inquiry against Trump for abuse of power, betraying his oath of office and the nation’s security. It is shocking that an advanced country like the US with highly educated citizens could have elected such a low-class, vulgar, lawless, corrupt man as their current President. Here are some points to remember regarding this impeachment process and Trump's defense (perhaps a repeat of some information given above) :

Update 3/25/2020: The Corona Virus Disaster

The Corona Virus pandemic has hit the US (and the entire world) like a ton of bricks. Natural disasters are caused by the cycles of nature as well as the karma of humanity and karma of individual countries, but this epidemic seems even more karma-driven that most. It is an epidemic that seems to affect rich countries more than poor ones, rich people more than poor people. Poor people (especially refugees) have always been suffering, but now the rich who callously watched that suffering with indifference have to join the poor in similar circumstances. The US under Trump (and his minion Pompeo) has been sanctioning poor countries unilaterally at the drop of a hat. Now it has to go through similar shortages, deprivation and hardship that they put other countries through.

Donald Trump with his usual incompetence, arrogance and stupidity has as usual made things worse. The problem is that because of his actions and inaction, many more people will suffer than would have otherwise, especially the frontline healthcare workers. New York unfortunately will bear the brunt of this in the beginning. Donald Trump will try to escape responsibility, but ultimately when this is over and the number of dead are counted, people will see that he could have saved many of them. The capitalistic economy is of course beyond repair - the dollar will lose its status as a world currency. The whole system - economic as well as political needs to be redesigned and restructured - soon the Christ and his Masters will be here to help us do just that. But Trump's legacy and place in history are doomed for ever - the Anti-Christ has already lost.

Update 9/20/2020: The Elections and the Courts

The 2020 campaign is in full swing and the elections barely six weeks away. Biden has been consistently polling ahead of Trump, not only nationally but also in swing states. If this were a fair election, Biden should win hands down. But Presidential elections in the US are never fair. The Republicans cheat every time (the last Democrat who cheated extensively was Kennedy). This time, with Donald Trump at its helm, the Republican party will cheat even more than normal. Even worse, if it looks like Biden is winning, Trump will refuse to accept the results and Republican leaders will go along with him. The elections will end in a stalemate. There may even be attempts on Biden's life. How the election is ultimately decided is yet to be seen.

As for the death of Ginsburg, Republicans will try to install a conservative replacement and they will very likely succeed. However, before all liberals fret over  this event and give in to despair, they should remember that the Christ is scheduled to Return soon - very likely early next year. After he appears, the US Supreme Court (at least where social/cultural issues are concerned) will be totally irrelevant. People will look to the Christ for guidance on such issues (and probably on all issues). The courts will meekly follow and will not dare contradict the Christ. We need to realize that the Christ and the 'Gods' are far more liberal than Nancy Pelosi!  

Update 2/11/2021: Is it Over?

The 2020 Elections are over and Donald Trump has been defeated. In spite of Trump's attempts to subvert the counting and certification of the election results, Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Even Trump's attempt at overthrowing the results by inciting a violent insurrection has been unsuccessful. But is the reign of the Anti-Christ over?

The mission that was assigned to Trump, the Anti-Christ was to subvert and destroy American political and social institutions, so that it would usher in the Return of the Christ to help rebuild those institutions. The question is, has Trump succeeded in doing that? It is obvious that many of the institutions still remain intact although badly damaged. The economy of the US as well as the world still seems to be tottering and ready to collapse at any moment - maybe that will be the last straw that will allow the coming of the Christ! We have to wait and see! 

Interesting Note: If you watch all the videos of the insurrection, it is clear that it could have been much, much worse. Some of the leaders like Pence, Schumer, Pelosi, Romney escaped by the skin of their teeth - they could easily have been attacked, injured or lynched by the violent mob. I can only conclude that the Christ and the Masters must have been busy that day misdirecting the mob and saving the legislators from greater harm.

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